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September Scholars!

Scholars of the Month

September 2016

Each month, teachers select students that fulfill the monthly student scholar acrostic letter represented in the word SCHOLARS.

“S” is September - School is my Job “Work Ethic”

“C” is October - Come Prepared “Responsibility”

“H” is November - Have Confidence in my Ability “Courage”

“O” December - Overcome Adversity and Obstacles “Perseverance”

“L” is January - Learn, Learn, Learn “Growth Mindset”

“A” is February - Always do my Best “Self Motivated”
“R” is March - Respect Myself and Others “Kindness”

“S” is for April - Success is my Goal “Syringa Scholars”


Abigail Bair

Aiden Cornell

Angel Salinas

Eduardo Hernandez

Erick Mazariegos Cifuentes

Ha'Ani Hoashi

Jose Villasenor

Karla Rodriguez

Misael Pastor

Paul Victoriano

Pretta Kroll

Roy Stump

Saray Camacho

Tomas Ruiz

Tristya Austyn*

Yaira Ferrusca



Adam Sorg

Adrian Verdugo

Alejandro Avila

Anthania Webb

Daniela Lopez

DeAndre Pizano

Deidra Guzman

Dulce Miramontes

Fatima Zavala

Javan Huett

Jayla Martin*

Jazmine Ruiz

Jessica Solis

Jesus Ponce

Joel Rangel

Jose Rivera Ayala

Juan Carrillo

Kaden Scott

Lily Justesen

Mariana Villa Gamino