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Syringa Middle School Report Card

School Office is closed for the summer.

School Office opens for the new school year - Monday, August 1st, 2016

Football camp parent meeting was a success!
Thank you parents for attending!

2016-2017 School Registration Days 

- For new students and returning students. -

**ALL students need to register. Parents must accompany their student. Students should come dressed appropriately for school ID pictures. Click here for dress code information

Wednesday, August 3rd

7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Thursday, August 4th

                                   7:00 am - 12:00 noon

Fall SPORTS begin on August 15th

Back to School Family BBQ is August 15th from 4:30pm - 6:30pm

First Day of School

Wednesday, August 17th

Classes begin at 7:50 am. Students may NOT arrive before 7:30 am

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Caldwell Students travel to Florida to Explore Ecosystems

Caldwell students spent the week of June 5th-9th exploring the water ecosystems of Tampa, Florida as part of the Habitat H2O Caldwell middle school science field-trip.

Twelve students, two parent chaperons and their teacher started in the freshwater springs system that supplies most of Florida's drinking water and slowly worked their way out through the brackish mangrove swamps into the Gulf of Mexico.  

As they traveled, they performed hands-on scientific testing like sampling nitrogen and phosphorous levels as well as doing micro-invertebrate counts to evaluate the health of each ecosystem.  These tests also allowed the students to compare fresh, brackish and saltwater habitats.  Along the way, the students dissected sharks and squid, swam with four real life manatees and kayaked through the mangrove swamps on the coast.  They ended the week doing a species survey of the Gulf of Mexico and even caught 18 different species of animals in the tape grass.  Caldwell students were able to use this trip to start thinking about possible future careers in science-related areas.  

Participants were: Lydia Beardsley, Kelsey Ferro, Natalia Castro, Jade Matis, Ana Miranda, Jasmine Ward, Annabelle Garcia, Emmie Payne, Kassandra Thomas, Liam Gigray, Nicholas Tijerina, Aislin Benitez, Hector and Juana Benitez

For more information about participating in the June 2018 Habitat H2O field trip, please contact Melyssa Ferro at Syringa Middle School (  

Spaces for this once in a lifetime experience will start filling up in April and there are scholarships available.

Syringa Science Classes partner with Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge and the Boise WaterShed

Students visited both Deer Flat and the Boise WaterShed Project on March 28th.

Education specialists from the refuge asked for our help in using scientific processes and critical thinking to solve some of the problems that they are facing right now with algae in Lake Lowell. Each group of students collected data to test their hypothesis about which area of the wildlife refuge would be most likely to encounter an algal bloom later this summer.

Deer Flat taught us how to test water quality and to count the different types of insects that live in water ecosystems. Students looked at abiotic factors like pH and water temperature that might make it difficult for plants and animals to live in the areas around the refuge biotic factors like tolerant invertebrate species that act as clues to how clean the water really is.

Syringa Middle School students and teachers worked in a co-curricular way by having students use their math class to graph and analyze their obtained field data. This coordination allowed students a hand on approach while meeting the academic needs of both math and science.

Syringa Middle School is partnering with Deer Flat National Wildlife refuge to become citizen scientists for this year's 7th grade science fair. The projects will be on display at our science fair May 13th!

Regional National History Day competition RESULTS!

Syringa had several students compete at the regional National History Day competition on Saturday, March 12th. MeiLi O'Bannon and Lydia Beardsley received 1st place marks for their project. Madison Smith received 2nd place for hers. These students will complete at the state level on April 23rd at the College of Idaho. 

For more information on this event, go to the Idaho State Historical Society website.

All six SMS Orchestra ensembles received Division I - "Superior" ratings!

Two of the six groups received perfect scores! Go Panther string players! Woo!

On Saturday, March 5th 2016

Six small ensemble groups from the Syringa Middle School orchestra participated in the District III Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Division Ranking and Score Definitions:
Division I (Superior)
Division II (Excellent)
Division III (Good)
Division IV (Fair)
Division V (Poor)

Pictures Attached:

Callie Mae White (violin) and Katerina Howe (viola) (40/40 points! Perfect score!)

MeiLi O'Bannon (viola solo) (34/35 points!) and Aria Strasser (violin solo) (33/35 points!)

David Burns (violin) and Cyress Wilson (violin) (37/40 points!) and Austin Jones (violin duet w/ Callie Mae White) (37/40 points!)

MeiLi O'Bannon (viola), Lydia Beardsley (violin), Sam Leishman (bass), McKenna Wrigley (cello), Aria Strasser (violin)(40/40 points! Perfect score!) 

Great job PANTHERS!

Aly Pedersen
Orchestra Teacher




On Saturday April 2, 2016, forty-four (44) students and ten (10) engineering student mentors participated in a free one day engineering camp hosted by the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Student chapter at Boise State University.

Eleven (11) Syringa students and four (4) Caldwell High School students attended this event and participated in a day of discovering engineering that included topics like:

·         How to Make a Simple DC Motor

·         Water Works 

·         E-Trash 

·         Rocket Engineering 

·         Edible Aquifer

·         Designer Bridges

·         Amazing Robotics

·         Creative Inventions and more!

Thank you Syringa and CHS for representing Caldwell at e-Day 2016! 

What’s Happening at Syringa!
Syringa Facebook Page

Math & Science Summer Institute

at the College of Idaho! 

Local students attend the Math & Science Summer Institute (MASSI) at the College of Idaho. Both Syringa and Jefferson Middle School students are working hard and having fun taking classes from college professors. 

MASSI is a summer enrichment program for middle school students intended to encourage and empower them in math and science and to attend college or other schools after high school. 

7th grade students are studying how different agents inhibit bacteria growth. In the College of Idaho’s science labs, they will develop a hypotheses and conduct an experiment to test it. In addition, the students will investigate a simulated outbreak of a disease on campus.  They will develop a survey, interview people on campus and identify the diseaseThey will determine the cause of the outbreak by calculating relative risks based on the data they collect from their interviews.

8th grade students are analyzing environmental hazards by testing water and soil samples from the Caldwell area. They will study how phosphates get into the water supply and measure phosphate levels in samples from Lake Lowell, Indian Creek and the Boise River. The students will also study the causes that increase aluminum levels in soil and measure aluminum levels in soil samples taken around campus.

All students will provide a final presentation of their results at the end of the week.

It’s not all work! The students spend time at the McCain Student Union, dining at Simplot South cafeteria, and touring the campusOur 8th grade students additionally receive a supervised overnight dorm sleep over with additional games and activities. 

A Syringa 8th grade student, Gail Kinder said upon her arrival Thursday morning (anxious for the college overnighter), “I was so excited, I woke up at 4am!"     

Well done students!

STEM Science Fair

Great Attendance at the 2nd Annual STEM Fair!

Syringa parents and students tried on their inner scientist on Friday night as the gym was filled to capacity with families during the 2nd annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Fair.  6th, 7th and 8th grade students showed off their science and engineering projects and toured a wide range of community STEM activities.  A big thank you to Micron, Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Dr. Picklestein from Boise State University, Idaho Power, the Idaho Library Association's Gizmo Garage and College of Idaho for providing fun and engaging activities to help Syringa's families explore the world of STEM.  


Grand Prize

1.  MeiLi O’Bannon

2.  Aria Strasser   

3.  Melicah Anderson


Advanced 8th Grade

1.  Aria Strasser

2.  MeiLi O’Bannon

3.  Melicah Anderson

8th Grade

1.  Brandon Calderon, Nick Reyna, Kinley Teichert

2.  McKell Nelson, Annabelle Garcia, Ernesto Lopez

3.  Brian Davalos. Brandon Linze, Raul Hernandez

Advanced 7th Grade

1.  Jeannie Acuna

2.  Abi Soriano

3.  Emily LaGrone

7th Grade

1.  Cameron Everhart, Neredia Alonzo, Anthony (Cesar) Ruiz, Mericruz Cuevaz, Matias Moreno

2.  Jackson Flynn, Abigal Nieto, Brandon Garlock, Arisabeth Villasenor Mora

3.  Manuel Herrera, Damian Chavez, Ben Licea

Advanced 6th Grade

1.  Jesse Waltman, Grace Tish, Ellie Webster

2.  Braden Shippy, Isaiah Smith, Robin Courtright, Izzy Martinez

3.  Olivia Reyes, Fatima Zavala, Addie Staples, Jada Scott

Raffle Prizes

1. Samuel Gragg (Ferro)

2. Lucy Mora (Brooks)

3. Vontella Hanson (Wnorowski)

Science Fair 2016