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Bulletin Board » February Scholars!

February Scholars!

Scholars of the Month

February 2017

Each month, teachers select students that fulfill the monthly student scholar acrostic letter represented in the word SCHOLARS.

“S” is September - School is my Job “Work Ethic”

“C” is October - Come Prepared “Responsibility”

“H” is November - Have Confidence in my Ability “Courage”

“O” December - Overcome Adversity and Obstacles “Perseverance”

“L” is January - Learn, Learn, Learn “Growth Mindset”

“A” is February - Always do my Best “Self Motivated”
“R” is March - Respect Myself and Others “Kindness”

“S” is for April - Success is my Goal “Syringa Scholars”

** Identifies the monthly grade level SPOTLIGHT student of the month.


Kimberly Alba

Abigail Bair

Degatogah Bridgman

James Burns

Saray Camacho

Christian Cortez M.

Yulisa Flores

Myriah Gordon

Andres Hernandez

Angel Mendoza

Ruby Penor

Gladys Rangel

*Natalie Taylor

Elissa Warner





Maria Avalos Arias

Alejandro Avila

Fatima Caloca

Victor Chavolla Cruz

Eleanor Coffin

Dominic Darrington

Sebastian Darrington

Andrew Davis

Gabriela Duran

*Tristan Farrand

Jennifer Hernandez

Hayden Kinney

Joselin Linares

Brayden Lobb

Abagail Marsh

Bianca Ramirez

Olivia Reyes