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Safety and Security » Student Drop Off and Pick Up Safety

Student Drop Off and Pick Up Safety

Dear Syringa Families,
For everyone's safety, please remember:
• Drop-off/Pick-up: Use the Willow Street sidewalk only. Drop off students anywhere along the Willow Street sidewalk.
• Speed Limit: Only 20 mph in the school zones.
• Buses Only: The rear of the school is strictly for buses only.
• Crosswalks/Sidewalks: Always use crosswalks and sidewalks.
• Arrival Time: The building opens at 7:30 am. Bell to class is at 7:44 am.
• Parking Lot: Use the front lot only if parking and entering the school.
We appreciate every one helping to make our school campus a safe place.
Thank you for a great start to the year!
Warm Regards, Syringa Administration