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Parent Letter

Syringa Middle School


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Dear Parents/Guardians,


As a school, we feel that it is very important that our students develop a sense of accountability with their school work. We also feel that it is our obligation to give students different opportunities to obtain the mastery of the content we teach. If students can develop self-accountability while succeeding within these important subject areas, it will pay dividends as they progress throughout their education. Listed below are different avenues that will support students as they earn content mastery at Syringa Middle School.


The State of Idaho has legislation governing middle school credit and promotion requirements.  Our district Policy 609, Middle School/Junior High School Credit, as supported by Idaho Code, requires that students earn credits to be eligible for promotion to the next grade level.


Summer School:

Students that fail a core class in the 1st or 2nd semester will be enrolled into Caldwell School District’s summer school program. Students will receive instruction directed to their individual student needs. Prior to enrollment all parents will receive notification from an administrator at Syringa Middle School.


8Th Grade Promotion Ceremony (8th Grade Only):

If your child receives a failing grade in each semester of their 8th grade year, they will not be allowed to participate in the 8th grade promotion ceremony. Both parents and students will be expected to attend a meeting informing them of this action. We will also discuss how their educational success is important as they progress into high school.


Indian Creek Academy:

Syringa Middle School will consider placing students that qualify as “at risk” at Indian Creek Academy. ICA is designed to cater to the needs of a select group of students. Referrals to Indian Creek Academy will be based on failing semester grades, poor attendance, and behavioral/social and emotional needs.  If your child meets one or more of these “at risk” criteria, their placement will be reviewed by the Syringa Middle School Response to Intervention (RtI) team and a placement will be determined. 


Canyon Springs High School Referrals (8th Grade Only):

Upon completion of the 8th grade, Syringa Middle School will place students at Caldwell High School or Canyon Springs High School. Both schools are designed to cater to different academic student needs. Referrals to Canyon Springs High School will be based on failing semester grades and absences exceeding 9 days per semester. If your child meets one or both of these “at risk” criteria, their placement will be reviewed by our 8th grade Response to Intervention team and a placement will be determined. 



I understand the responsibilities of the school, my child, and the supportive role that I play as a parent. I also understand that my child is expected to participate in the above listed support programs if needed at Syringa Middle School.




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