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School-Parent Compact

Syringa Middle School

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What is a School-Parent Compact?


A School-Parent Compact for Achievement is an agreement that parents, students, and teachers develop together. It outlines how parents, staff, and students will share the responsibility for improving academic achievement.  This compact explains how the school and parents will build a partnership that will help children achieve success on state-required standards.


School Agreement

Syringa Middle school teachers and staff will work with students and their families to support student’s success in the Common Core Standards for reading and math.

Teachers and staff at Syringa Middle School will:

  1. Provide routine progress reports
  2. Provide a safe and effective learning environment for all students
  3. Provide consistent, high-quality curriculum and instruction
  4. Monitor academic and behavioral progress – Identify each student’s needs and develop achievable goals
  5. Provide an Open Door Policy with parents – communication
  6. Provide multiple opportunities for students to show what they’ve learned and how they learned it
  7. Provide parents the opportunity to volunteer within their student’s classroom


Parent Agreement

Syringa Middle School parents joined teachers and staff to develop ideas about how families can support student’s success.

I will support my child’s learning by:

  1. Making school a priority with my student(s)
  2. Encourage my student(s) to participate in after-school activities – GET INVOLVED!
  3. Monitor my child’s attendance
  4. Provide balanced nutrition with a healthy diet
  5. Establish routines, including an appropriate, distraction-free bedtime
  6. Volunteer at Syringa Middle School – attend school events when possible
  7. Review Wednesday grade tickets with your child


Student Agreement

Syringa Middle School students joined staff and parents to develop ideas about how students can contribute to their success in school.  Students thought of the following ideas to make connections between learning at home and school.

It is important that I do my absolute best; therefore, I will strive to do the following:

  1. Develop SMART goals – set achievable goals and persevere
  2. Completion of daily homework; participation in class
  3. Attendance – showing up every day, ready to learn
  4. Communicate with parents about what’s going on at school and in the classroom
  5. Proudly represent Syringa Middle School by demonstrating and following the Syringa SCHOLAR Acrostic.
  6. Show respect for myself, other students and teachers, and property



STUDENT SIGNATURE:   ___________________________________________       DATE:  __________


PARENT SIGNATURE:      ___________________________________________       DATE:  __________


TEACHER SIGNATURE:   ___________________________________________       DATE:  __________



Shay Swan, Principal                                                                Brita Velazquez, Assistant Principal

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