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Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest Winners

Annual Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest

This year’s theme was, “Why I Honor the American Flag”.


All students who were present in class participated in the contest. The judges also awarded all who participated in the contest a nice, high-quality certificate and the winners received a cash award. Congratulations to all of our Syringa scholars!


  • Jennifer Cruz-Garica: first place $300
  • Hannah Noonan: second place $225
  • Kailani White: third place $150; plus she placed second at districts and garnered another $150.

Here is the complete list of those in the photo--winners are included.


Jennifer Cruz-Garcia

Hannah Noonan

Kailani White

Alex Reyes

Kaila Ramos

Marisa Maldanado

Pretta Kroll

Zachery Dufoe

Justice Bingham

Fatima Americuza

Stone Stills

Kyle Wilson

Hannah Tish