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 UPDATE - Syringa Middle School students joined 10,000,000 students in 180 countries last week to celebrate computer programming by participating in the Hour of Code activity! Some kids even got to do 2 hours of code. These Cougars made bracelets to spell out their initials in binary code and then programmed video games using Star Wars characters. This event was a big hit!!

"Ashton Kutcher has said that computer science belongs in every public school right next to biology, chemistry, and algebra. Next Saturday would have been Admiral Grace Hopper's 111th birthday. She was a computer programmer who worked for the US Navy and helped design the world's first computer called UNIVAC I. 

Caldwell Middle School students will be joining tens of millions of students in over 180 different countries in celebrating her birthday on Friday, December 8th by doing an hour of coding in their science classes.  We will be programming Moana's boat to journey across the Pacific Ocean, helping scientists explore other planets, and programming BB8 to find spare parts to fix his space ship in the Star Wars universe.  In some classes, we will even be exploring how to write your name in binary code, just like computer programmers. 

In order to do this computer programming on your Chromebook, you will need to bring a set of ear buds to class with you on Friday, December 8th.  Join your friends in being a creator of code and not just a consumer of it!" Source: Hour of Code from