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See, Tell, Now! Campaign

“See, Tell, Now!”

Idaho’s First Lady Lori Otter is promoting the new Idaho Office of School Safety and Security’s “See, Tell, Now!” campaign. You are all encouraged to join in the effort by being alert and vigilant in detecting and reporting potential security threats in our public schools.

SEE — When you are in and around our school simply be aware of your surroundings. You may notice something that doesn't seem right, looks odd or is simply out of the ordinary.

TELL — Tell someone at your school or call the police but tell someone. We want to know what's happening at our school and your observations are important.

NOW — Do it NOW. Don't wait, don't hesitate. If something looks out of place to you, it likely is. Where the safety of our children is concerned it is better safe than sorry.

Remember if you see something, Tell someone, Do it Now —
Join the effort to keep schools safe!

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