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April 2024 Scholars of the Month

Scholars of the Month

April 2024

Each month, staff select students that fulfill the monthly scholar acrostic letters represented in the word “SCHOLARS.”

“S” is September - School is my Job “Work Ethic”

“C” is October - Come Prepared “Responsibility”

“H” is November - Have Confidence in my Ability “Courage”

“O” December - Overcome Adversity and Obstacles “Perseverance”

“L” is January - Learn, Learn, Learn “Growth Mindset”

“A” is February - Always do my Best “Self-Motivated”
“R” is March - Respect Myself and Others “Kindness”

“S” is for April - Success is my Goal “Syringa Scholars”

* Identifies the monthly grade level SPOTLIGHT student of the month.


Lizbeth Alba Verdin

Elida Archuleta

Bael Bengston

Estrella Campos Jacobo

*John Coles

Remington Courtright

Peyton Dahlke

Santiago Duarte

Victoria Golott Rivera

Fatima Gomez Hernandez

Isaiah Gonzalez Arreola

Angel Ibarra Garcia

Kaitey Jenkins

Natalia Juarez

Nadia Martinez

Brandon Rosales Duran

Jayden Ruano

Xavier Ruvio 


Zayvian Adame

Luis Ayala Villanueva

Israel Carrizales

Zoey Fisher

Anahlyahh Heitzman

Noah Ibarra

Christian Jones

Lorena Miguel-Lewis

*Anthony Miller

Robert Mounce

Chloe Mueller

Itzia Ramirez

Juan Sotelo Guadarrama

Keegen Sundquist


Brooklelyn Aitchison

Edylberto Angel

Leah Bair

Charles Bolt

*Abraham Carranza-Gastelum

Randy Chavez

Evan Cox

Jayden Goldsmith

Daniela Gonzalez Ordonez

Kaleah Kron

Maya Lind

Vidal Lopez

Evelyne Luna

Violet McConnell-Soong

Velkan Miranda

Carte   Norman

Carlos Ocampo

Miriam Ocampo Arizmendi

Freddy Rivera

Alondra Rodriguez

MaKinsey Simpson

Abner Spencer

Ann Stone

Allison Sususco