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March 2024 Scholars of the Month

Scholars of the Month

March 2024

Each month, staff select students that fulfill the monthly scholar acrostic letters represented in the word “SCHOLARS.”

“S” is September - School is my Job “Work Ethic”

“C” is October - Come Prepared “Responsibility”

“H” is November - Have Confidence in my Ability “Courage”

“O” December - Overcome Adversity and Obstacles “Perseverance”

“L” is January - Learn, Learn, Learn “Growth Mindset”

“A” is February - Always do my Best “Self-Motivated”
“R” is March - Respect Myself and Others “Kindness”

“S” is for April - Success is my Goal “Syringa Scholars”

* Identifies the monthly grade level SPOTLIGHT student of the month.


Alejandro Amezquita

Marcos Arevalo

Annalise Calderon

Aubry Cawagdan

Peyton Dahlke

Nuvia Gonzalez

*Noah Grout

Carmen Gutierrez

Maria Hernandez Guevara

Mason Hine

Galilea Maldonado

MariaPaula Mazon Castillo

Isaac Nieto

Amelia Rhoan

Juan Ruiz

Eleena Stansell

Peyton Stilwell

Alena Summers

Austyn-Taylor Wilson

Lyra Waddell

Ingrid Zapata


Luis Ayala Villanueva

Azriel Dominguez

Kaylynn Gigray

*Annabelle Harmon

Ellena Obed

Maggie Rainbolt

Malakai Romey

Camila Rosales Villasenor

Elizabeth Rosas

Leobardo Valencia

Brianet Valle Marquez


Adylene Amaya

*Juan Arias

Leah Bair

Gloriana Beale

Isabella Cardoso

Ariya Cluff-Greninger

Lilly Gaona

Emanuel Gomez Hernandez

Soraya Hainrick

Michelle Ormsby

Maya Ozuna

Miley Rico

Liam Rodebush

Yamilett Rodriguez Villa

Charles Rogers

Makinsey Simpson

Abner Spencer

Allison Sususco

Alondra Valenzuela