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February 2024 Scholars of the Month

Scholars of the Month

February 2024

Each month, staff select students that fulfill the monthly scholar acrostic letters represented in the word “SCHOLARS.”

“S” is September - School is my Job “Work Ethic”

“C” is October - Come Prepared “Responsibility”

“H” is November - Have Confidence in my Ability “Courage”

“O” December - Overcome Adversity and Obstacles “Perseverance”

“L” is January - Learn, Learn, Learn “Growth Mindset”

“A” is February - Always do my Best “Self-Motivated”
“R” is March - Respect Myself and Others “Kindness”

“S” is for April - Success is my Goal “Syringa Scholars”

* Identifies the monthly grade level SPOTLIGHT student of the month.


Maria Alfaro

Elida Archuleta

Marcos Arevalo

Lazaro Arriaga Estrada

Nuvia Gonzalez

*Noah Grout

Dylan Lind

Dulce Lopez Garcia

Isaac Nieto

Danniel Ocampo

Yaneli Orozco Cazares

Gracie Perez

Daisy Reyes

Sweden Rodebush

Cecilia Rodriguez


Aidyn Bays

Aedyn Castellanos-Bremer

Alvaro Cervantes

Bentley Diep

*Daniel Dimas

Aiden Forbush

Roger Kessler

Trinity McMonigle

Elizabeth Rosas

Brodie Tormey

Samara Vazquez Robles


Kelsea Breach

Zaihra Cortez

Daniela Gonzalez Ordonez

Francisco Guzman

Kaleah Kron

Corey Kuper

Samantha Mauleon Anguiano

Violet McConnell-Soong

Odalys Navarro

Carter Norman

Maya Ozuna

*Danielle Parker

Joselyne Peralta

Alex Perez Vazquez

Valdemar Rosales Gallegos

Makinsey Simpson

Hugo Torres

Eric Valadez

Daniela Villasenor-Martinez